3 Tips for Finding the Right Licensed Medical Contractors

Aug 9, 2022

licensed medical contractors

Did you know that the omicron variant is nearly three times more transmissible than the delta variant? The world has waged a two-year war against a virus that keeps rising and falling throughout the population – even among those who have already been infected. 

The biggest damages outside of the outstanding deaths and infection rates are hospital shortages. Burned-out employees and a nationwide shortage have made it challenging to keep hospitals and clinics staffed. Licensed medical contractors could hold the key to resupplying your health facility with qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. 

However, many employers are unsure of what to look for when hiring a contract worker. Luckily, we have three helpful tips to assist you in getting started with meeting staffing requirements today!

1. Verify Which Employees Are Licensed Medical Contractors

First, look at what qualifies as a medical contractor. Unfortunately, not all positions meet contract-work criteria. For example, associate doctors, dental hygienists, opticians, and vet techs may have limitations. 

There are two primary distinctions between employees and contractors. If you mislabel an employee, you could face hefty charges, so it is crucial that you review the requirements before you hire healthcare contractors. 

The Department of Labor lists contractor workers as:

  • Whether they have control over their work
  • Their opportunity for profit and loss (e.g., economic reality test)

This updated release was released in early 2021. With the changing health department, it was important to establish criteria. Some other guidelines are:

  • Amount of skill required
  • Working relationship
  • If the work is a core part of the integrated unit of production

To put it more simply, employers can only direct a medical contractor’s result of work. When you hire an employee, you control how it will be done and the result. When you mislabel healthcare jobs, you risk accruing fines equal to a specific percentage of the employee’s paycheck. 

You could also face criminal penalties. Ensure that your healthcare contractor jobs have complete control of their work and are not held to the same expectations regarding working hours and business expenses as your full-time employees. 

2. Proof of Credentials and Experience

In the medical industry, you must obtain certain medical certifications to complete work. If you open freelance healthcare jobs for physicians, inquire about:

  • Completed training through medical school
  • Pass the medical licensing exam
  • Completed residency
  • Proof of graduation
  • Board certification
  • State license

These are some of the items that should be listed under a physician’s resume. Also, ask your healthcare professional about previous experience.

Before you hire healthcare employees, you want them to feel comfortable in your facility. Specialty hospitals and centers might cater to medical contractors with more experience for better outcomes and a smoother transition.

3. Job Expectations

Part-time medical employment can save you:

  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Bonuses

While the hourly rate for medical freelance jobs is usually higher, it can reduce overtime payouts and decrease the risk of burnout for your full-time employees. Before opening these medical roles to candidates, be transparent about job expectations, including:

  • Amount of work available
  • Current staffing
  • Caseload
  • Hours

Remember – you cannot hire freelance healthcare workers and make them work consistent 9-to-5 jobs. They may come in as needed and are paid by the work completed rather than bi-monthly or regular payments. The work hour flexibility and short-term positions are the sticking points drawing many healthcare employees to these positions. 

Although most healthcare professionals applying for medical jobs for freelancers should understand some of the restrictions of these jobs, it is helpful that you have your HR team review:

  • Benefit restrictions
  • Lack of reimbursement for using own materials
  • Limitations on bonuses

While an employee may sign a contract saying they are a contract worker, they could still dispute it with the IRS or other government agencies. Having the proper documentation outlining the job’s position and criteria can save you a headache down the road.

Lastly, review your clinic’s needs. Are you looking for short-term or seasonal help? You must be explicit in the contract about what work you need and be aware that the freelance worker can outline their negotiations too.  

How To Hire Healthcare Workers

Medical employers are facing unique challenges in the new medical job industry. Human Resource departments are overwhelmed reviewing freelance workers’ job responsibilities, insurance coverage, and equal opportunity mandates. 

There are several legal implications for not adhering to the Affordable Care Act and other laws that outline employment and insurance for your workers. The best way to start hiring contract healthcare professionals is through a reputable and reliable website. 

JobGraze takes the hassle out of navigating the tricky waters of contract workers by:

  • Reviewing experience
  • Validating credentials
  • Matching job requirements
  • Matching scheduling

We also provide templates that you can use to fill in your job posting but feel free to customize as you want. The benefit of a job platform for medical contract workers is eliminating most of the pre-hiring stages, such as validating credentials or experience. 

It also matches you with workers who fit the need of your facility and the experience required. Through JobGraze, you can find healthcare professionals like nurses, physicians, physical therapists, and more. 

Start Finding Licensed Medical Contractors

Licensed medical contractors are an excellent tool to help your clinic meet healthcare demands. They usually require higher hourly pay but can reduce burnout and overworked staff. 

It can be an excellent tool for short-term work if you have specific times of the year that receive an influx of patients. Additionally, you aren’t bound to the same legal requirements for benefits as you are with full-time employees.

At JobGraze, we are here to help you through the hiring process in Florida. Sign up today and start finding your next contract employees!